Biology Teachers

Do you feel like you're losing control of teaching with this distance learning?

We believe in bringing this control back to you.  

Biology Online Class

Prebuilt online distance learning lessons based on the high school NGSS biology standards

Included in the membership are 20 weeks of biology lessons and assessments:
1) Add your students
2) Schedule a unit per week
3) Your online class is running
(tutorial videos, PowerPoints, quizzes, tests, interventions)

Homeschool Parents

Do you feel this is the right time to homeschool or micro-school your kid?

We believe in empowering you!  

Built for Teachers
Created by Teachers, for Teachers
  • Students build a solid foundation in vocabulary & concepts
  • We use pre-assessments to determine exactly what they need help on
  • Our lessons adjust based on this data to help them quickly catch up
  • Easily transition your class online; just add your students.
  • With one click of a button, you can schedule a week's worth of lessons to your students.
Teacher / Parent Sign Up
  • 50% off offer
  • You get a {tests_membership_year} school year membership
  • Add up to 220 students
  • Already built biology lessons & tests
  • Privacy is important. We do not sell nor market your data. You are in control of your students' data.
  • Works on chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, PCs, Macs, & Android devices
Built for Parents
You can do this!
  • To get started homeschooling / micro-schooling your child in high school biology, you will want both an online class and hands on curriculum.
  • This website,, is designed to teach your child the content; vocabulary, concepts, & problem solving.
  • Our website has a full class's worth of in-classroom lesson plans including: labs, projects, worksheets, etc.