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About Us

Imagine students being able to use what they have learned in your class to solve problems you never taught. This is the new NGSS standards.

Class time will probably be focused on students transferring their knowledge using labs and projects. If students study, their studying usually consists of passively reading their notes or flash cards before class. So when will students master the low level curriculum like vocabulary and concepts?

This is where we can help!

We are classroom teachers with a software engineering background. When we converted over to the new NGSS standards, we found out that we ran out of time to do it all. This motivated us to develop our software in order to fill in the gaps, allowing more thinking based learning in the classroom.

ngsstests.com and ngsslifesciences.com is owned and operated by NGSS Life Science. NGSS Life Science is a for-profit company that designs educational curriculums. We are located in Granite Bay, California and established in 2015.

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