Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Login Help

keyboard key capslockThere can be several reasons why you may not be able to login. Here is a list of some common issues.

First check to make sure "Caps Lock" is not on.

Second, your username is different than you email address.

Third, you might need to delete your browser's cookies. If you are using the correct username and password and the website sends you back to the student login page, clearing your cookies will solve the problem. Here is a tutorial on deleting cookies.

Fourth, you might want to clear your browser's cache (temporary Internet files). Here is a tutorial on clearing your browser's cache.

Fifth, you may have set your browser to stop accepting cookies. Your login uses cookies and you must enable your browser to accept 1st party cookies.

Sixth, you need to have JavaScript enabled in order the website to function. If you do not know how to check for this, you can use the following tutorial.

Seventh, if you were using "Google Sign-in", the way that Google processes the information has recently changed. You can still access your account, but you will first need to reset your password.

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