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Imagine students transferring their knowledge on your most difficult projects and assessments (DOK 4 level). Students need to have a strong foundation to apply science concepts to new situations (transference). Increase class time with experimentation and transfer, and use NGSS Tests as homework or intervention to help students build their base knowledge. Students engage with us in highly structured practice on vocabulary, concepts, & application (mostly DOK 1 & 2 levels).

FeaturesTypes of Memberships

  • Lasts Until 6/30/19 Your membership expires on June 30th, 2019.
  • Mobile Ready Works on Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Mac, and PC.
  • Biology Assignments In two quick steps, teachers can schedule a unit and all of the default assignments automatically appear to students.

    Default assignments are based on NGSS High School Life Science Standards.
  • Modify Assignments Teachers can change which assignments are required when they schedule a unit.

    Teachers can also create their own assignments.
  • Targeted Interventions Once students take a pre-assessment, the website starts modifying what interventions the student receives.

    The inteventions change based on new test results and retakes.
  • Mastery Learning Students can retake tests to demonstrate mastery of a concept, with each retake pulling new questions from the question bank (until the bank is exhausted for that student).

    The teacher always sees each student's first attempt and best attempt for each test.
  • Instant Grading All student assessments are graded automatically and students get to see both their results and feedback on questions they missed.
  • View Test Scores Teachers can see how each student performs on the online tests.
  • Instant Reports Teachers can access instant reports on how the class or individual students performed by standard and substandard.

    Instantly determine student strengths, what they needs help with, and the effect size for each unit to see how much they are improving overall.
  • Build Your Own Tests Teachers can add their own test questions and build their own tests with question banks.

    Teachers can also build their own interventions.
  • Monitor Student Activity Teachers can see when students sign-in, what assignment each student is currently on for each unit, and if there is cheating going own.

    Students are supposed to use their notes to research questions / answers as this is a best practice for studying notes.
  • Share with PLC Instant sharing of all other teacher built assignments, tests, and questions created within that PLC.

    Teachers who are not part of your PLC do not have access.
  • Lesson Plans You can download editable "classroom tested" lesson plans from www.ngsslifescience.com.

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Bulk Orders: You can also purchase many memberships at a discounted price.